Yeah, I today missed one of those buttons, too.

I had to get a new modem because the DNS servers I'd been using starting going wonkers, and I couldn't get into the router admin, forgot password, mistyped it or something. So, I had to get a new router, and the old one was ten years old anyway, a G.

Anyway, after I set it up ( after rebooting the modem ) I couldn't get a public IP address, so looked at the modem ( but apparently not close enough ) which looked like a Christmas tree with green lights, then re-checked a few settings and still no internet. Looked at the modem again.

Second look, I noticed this cheezy "Internet" button. Pressed that a few times and a light above it lit up green. Suppose I missed it the first time because it seems strange that it would be toggled - I don't get that. Anyway, I missed the "Internet" button.

After that, got the internet back. Nice having a new 300Mbps N modem. G is supposed to have a theoretical 54Mbsp max, so wasn't expecting a huge leap in speed, but I was stunned to instantly go from 7-8+Mbps to 20.95Mbps, boom, just like that.

Really enjoying nearly triple my old speed, just like that, plus modern features like autoscan ( scans and selects least saturated channel, automatically, instead of wonking around with that manually ). Multi-band, too, and a bunch of other modern stuff. I would have gone with a hackable Broadcom chipset router, but this cheapo $59 D-link did all the bread and butter stuff a superrouter is supposed to, so why bother?

Feel kind of embarassed to have missed a simple cheezy "Internet" button on the modem.

This forum is still as slow.

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway