I was also an NUTD/CT user from the very early days. Really too bad about Now X's fate - I feel the personal loss! But given how long it took to release a pretty bad product, despite Wallace's great intentions, if I were a VC, I would worry about the code base. If I were interested in the space, it might be better to begin from scratch with a different team.

Our family's core need is to share calendar and contacts. We've been using BusySync and MobileMe for a year to sync 6 Macs and 2 iphones. We've had great results so that at least solves the calendar problem.

I'd really love to find a solution for contacts that doesn't suck. Does anyone have any experience with the Address Book Server software from a UK company? I've come close to trying it out a couple of times but didn't want to spend the bucks (pounds). Also, it looked complex and inelegant.

On the other hand, better something than nothing. They have a promotion on for a free 10 user license right now so might be worth a try.