It all looks very pretty, the multitasking is neat (though us jailbroken folks already have that, even on the humble iPhone 3G) - but what I really want to see is 'paste unformatted'.

Such a basic thing, you copy text from a website, and when you paste it into a new email at the moment, you get the point size (and sometimes the font/colour) from the original source, and then the rest of your email you type after that is stuck in that point size, so you have two (or more) different sizes of text in the email.

Also, unless your Mail's Minimum Font Size is set to Large, sent/received emails are displayed at a different point size to the text in the Compose window, so the same thing happens if you paste selected text from an existing email into a new one.

This drives me a bit nuts.
If it's brokenless, don't suffix it...