But you are looking at it bass ackwards. Your examples of pumping concrete and the aquarium pump are wrong because you are working on the wrong end.

Yes indeed, if I had to put a pump on the bottom end of a pipe and pump it vertically a mile above the pump I would say that is an epic fail. That is why a pump can have nothing to do with it. You are talking about pressure when instead you should be talking about vacuum. Because that is what you would instantly have if you put a pump on a boat and tried to pull any sort of liquid up vertically one mile. The liquid would immediately cavitate if it did not have an assist from below. In this case it would not cavitate because the pump would be spinning like a top without even being plugged in.

Keymaker's straw is correct. If he could make it to 33 feet and one atmosphere pressure it would work even better. Shoot, go get twenty straws and duct tape them together. Stick them vertically in water with your thumb on the top or not. The water will still go right up to sea level. If you have a tremendous pressure caused by the mantle plus you are dealing with lighter than water fluid the liquid will shoot out.

If there is a pump involved in what BP is doing it is only to get it off one collection boat and over to another.

Don't think about pressure or vacuum. Only think about one local chunk of oil and think where does it want to go. In this case, that would be up. I have not even made it complicated by knowing that as that liquid rises it will expand and become lighter. That nitrogen, helium and natural gas will tend to outgas and very quickly. It is the cause of nitrogen narcosis, the bends and also exploded lungs by untrained scuba divers.

This is all taken with a grain of salt because none of us have a clue what the conditions are on the top, bottom or insides of BPs pipe. That is why whining about them not doing the right thing is about as absurd as it gets.

If anyone thinks BP is not doing all they can do to stop the oil then you must also think that Bush flew the planes into the WTC. Because at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, for what possible reason would they be doing what some are claiming?

Oh wait, BP is undermining everything so their reputation is toast because you think keymaker is an a▀▀hole. Got it. I read the whole thread. Pard me while I go fishing instead.