Please do not attempt to cast BP as the hero now. The overriding issue is that the explosion could have been prevented had they embraced all safety regulations and followed industry best practices. They did neither. So taking the financial hit is the least they can do. They brought it upon themselves. They could have repaired the seal on the BOP when they were told it had been damaged. They could have made sure their blueprints and schematics were consistent with the equipment in play. They could have given in to TransOcean's argument to cap the well in a safer, albeit, more time-intensive manner.

No one here is providing cover for TransOcean or Haliburton, or even our own Federal bureau who gave BP a pass and never demanded verification of their false statements during the lease application process. They are all responsible in one way or the other. But in terms of overall management, this is BP's mess. They own it. Of course they should pay for it. But paying for it does not mitigate their dishonesty, negligence, and arrogance.