I am "learning" to use LiveMotion (Adobe's version of Flash) and have decided to redesign my entire website in Flash format. Not a whole lot of bells and whistles, but some.<br><br>I would love it if everyone could go to the site, and give me feedback. I'm looking for comments about everything... design, speed, compatability, etc... If you post anything about the site here, please let me know if you're on a PC or Mac and what browser you are using. I'm interested to see how the site works on a PC.<br><br>A few notes:<br>1. The Portfolio link doesn't work - I haven't finished that page yet.<br>2. Safari users will see extra space around the sides of the window (much like DaddyMac's problem he discussed a while back).<br>3. Some link colors don't match (some have white links with blue "overs" and some are blue with white "overs".<br>4. The sound made when clicking a button is messed up - it works, but after you click the button and it makes the click sound, it also plays the "over" sound again... I haven't figured out how to stop it from playing the "over" sound once clicked.<br><br>Other than that, everything should work. I have set the Flash file to resize if you resize the browser window - I think it's a nice touch for those who have bad eyes.<br><br>Here's the link, and please be HONEST but GENTLE with your comments because this is my first time using Flash animation.<br><br><br>Visit Me At My .Mac Site
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