I love Apple as much as anyone. But this is the kind of thing that really pi$$$es me off. I must have a screw loose for having an emotional investment in a company (and I would bet that I'm in good company here), but I can deny that this kind of story upsets me.

Apple freely admits that the app in question doesn't technically violate any of the rules, yet they rejected it anyway. Good grief! Are they begging people to give the Android platform a serious look?!? Despite their incredible head start, this this is the kind of thing that could relegate Apple to an also-ran. I'm afraid to admit that this is the sort of thing that could replay the Microsoft/Apple scenario of the 90s. Perhaps I don't have a thorough understanding of the wisdom behind AAPL's business strategy?

And on a side note: why isn't WiFi syncing included in the iPhone OS to begin with? That it is not-- is infuriatingly absurd! Grrrr!

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