Well, cables will be obsolete at some point, if they really aren't already - Way too costly to lay cable.

One or two, maybe three bands. One for satellite to propagation shell link, same or another for propagation shell to broadcast points, same or another for broadcast points to access points. They just need to tweak the specs for bandwidth, etc.

Propagation shell just cheap gliders, on-demand electric-motor-assist and flight control, CPU for control code, flight control, etc, amp-mux/demux/whatever, satcom wave guide-controller, multi-faceted propagation antenna, solar-powered. An amateur put one up to 59,000 feet in 1999 or 2000, something like that, 601 or 604 Powermac, IIRC.

The only problem with stuff like Teledesic, Iridium, Globalstar, ICO, etc was they didn't need that many costly satellites, and it converged with conventional broadband providers bringing down prices to more reasonable levels.

Boeing, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, etc, really should revisit this stuff. Technological evolution and the future favors wireless in infrastructural performance and declining costs, whereas land lines face just greater and greater costs and hitting the constraints of fixed inputs versus variable.

They could share the cost of satellites and the cheap propagation shell, sell bandwidth, whatever.

The telecoms and cable companies are dinosaur robber barons, technologically inept instead of innovative, and it's time they hit the end of their road.

Then I guess new robber barons might shake out smile

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway