Maybe this has been bridged before, but it is time to open up the debate again. I still can't for the life of me figure out why the majority of people prefer canines over felines. No matter how it stacks up, felines are the superior animal/pet.

1. Dogs are just gross. They eat feces if allowed, they drool, they can get downright filthy if allowed. Cats wash themselves regularly and bury their own feces.

2. Dogs are simpletons. Some call it loyalty, I don't see it. They have this "follow the pack", "follow my master" instinct that will make them "love" - if that's what you call it - their masters whether their masters are kind to them or unbelievably cruel. Stop feeding a dog suddenly one day and it will die on your doorstep. Stop feeding a cat or treat it badly and it is out the door, like any self-respecting entity.

3. Sure, a cat will not make any attempt to defend your home or you. It will also not "overdo" it as so many dogs do and try to loudly defend you from every possible menace, real or imagined. A cat will also not break from it's owners grip and maul neighbors to death or inexplicably use the training it was given to grip a 5 year olds neck in it's muzzle until death. And let's not get started on rabies (okay a worry of the past maybe, but I am taking the long view)

4. Yes, obviously 3 above is not talking about chihuahuas or poodles etc. but don't get me started on those little yipping menaces that I call all by the same name of "dropkick". So many of those miniature monstrosities are either ugly as sin, or primped up to the point of ridicule. And why do so many of them think they have to prove something by yipping insanely at everything that comes near them when most of these "enemies" could squash them like a bug if given the chance?

5. And that leads me to the sounds they make. Dogs bark, a noise much harsher than a meow. Dogs whine incessantly when they can't get inside or reach something they really want. Ever heard a cat whine (when it's not in heat anyway I guess)? Dogs growl and bark and growl and bark at a threat. Cats give you one clear hiss that says "get the hell away from me" and are done with it and you.

6. Maybe it shouldn't be a separate entry, cuz it's about noises, but dogs cannot sit on your lap or your chest and purr. That little motor in cat's throats is an incomparable improvement to any dopey eyed endearments a dog can give.

Pounds are full of these ostensible "best friends of men" called "dogs" and one can see why. Cats come out the clear winner. Down with dogs. Cats rule, dogs drool.
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle