Wired Article

One of the few Wired online articles I feel like I can take with more than a grain of salt these days...

Moving right along, anyone else remember when ISP's tried to prevent end users from having routers on their broadband connections? Or was it only Adelphia who tried to enforce that "one computer per broadband connection" nonsense? Given my disdain for Comcast and AT&T, both of whom I've had to deal with on some commercial and private level, I'm hoping this is a good thing, as those are biggest two they'll likely have to drop a hammer on. Comcast recently acquired NBC, and that's a scary thing for consumers- a big service provider now also being a big content provider (though AT&T could be considered a similar situation- owning much of the national telecom infrastructure, being a service provider who leases to other service providers). I remember, when I was a kid, cable companies were so small nearly every small area I lived in had it's own cable TV provider. Now, my relatives in New Jersey, as of a buy-out a few years back, have the same internet and cable TV provider who pwns much of NorCal, where I live. These companies are HUGE and somewhat greedy, I think.

Right now, net neutrality is trying to enjoy a cold beer and keep everyone entertained, but wondering if this 600lb corporate man-beast staring him down from across the bar is gonna' pick a fight. And that's just one issue of several.
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