John Wallace,

First off let me say how incredibly sad I am to see Now Software disappear! I have been a LONG time user of ALL PowerOn software and was VERY surprised and sad to see it gone! I wish you the best and hope that it/Now/NowX can be revived at some point in the future. PLEASE do not stop all of the great work you, et al, have done over the years at this point! =)

Now to my point...I also had the EXACT same experience as Kempy and others...I reinstalled Mac OS 10.6.3 on my MacBook Pro and couldn't get Now Contact/Up-to-Date functioning NO MATTER WHAT I TRIED. I got the EXACT same errors after trying the EXACT same suggestions, etc, etc. And, no John, unfortunately your scripts did NOT work for me either (and yes, I was logged on correctly, restarted, etc). This specific topic and thread are critical I believe because there are still quite a few of us longtime and loyal NUDC users still out there, who have migrated to Snow Leopard, etc. In fact, my ENTIRE LIFE is still on NUDC, literally!

Regardless, the ONLY thing that finally worked after trying EVERYTHING was Kempy's last suggestion to remove/delete/trash the invisible file. OMG...FINALLY!!! I was terrified because my NUDC files contain everything from the last 15 years believe it or not. So I cannot thank Neil Ticktin, Twidge, Kempy and you enough for all of your collective persistence!! Right ON folks!

Many many many thanks!!

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