Man this is now as bad as the Valdez and getting worse.

Platform Disaster

200,000 gallons per day and it may take weeks or months to stop.
Heard that they could have prevented it using a $500,000 acoustic shut off valve (no details how it works, but its almost fail safe.) Every country in the world requires these but we don't. mmm

Some talk of the Cheney -Energy Chiefs secret meeting in 2001 and the lack of regulations the last 8 years. Who knows- waiting until the facts shake out. But the W VA coal mine disaster reeks of lack of oversight or just down right look the other way. Is this another ?

Besides the environmental impact what about the economic disaster to tourism and fisheries in the gulf ? I never liked Obama's allowing more drilling, bad mistake... we need to be shifting from oil - hydrocarbon based energy to clean - green, renewable energy ASAP !!

Let the "Cat fights" begin !! wink
David (OFI)