I forgot to mention on how I built my cable. The Wyse terminal uses two DB25 RS-232 female serial ports. My Hackintosh has a single DB9 serial port but OSx does not see it so I have to use a USB to RS-232 converter. You would think the null modem cable would be simple but not really. The pin layout on the terminal is different.

Terminal side, im using no handshaking BTW

Pin 1 Frame Ground
Pin 2 Tx
Pin 3 Rx
Pin 7 Signal Ground

Typical PC pinout Side
Pin 2 Rx
Pin 3 Tx
Pin 5 Signal Ground
Shield Frame Ground

At first it would think a serial extension cable with a db25 male adapter would work but the grounds wouldn't match. I decided to make things easy by using some old serial to RJ45 adapters. The pins can be switched around so everything will match.

Also the neat thing with these adapters if I ever want to add hand shaking I can just repin the adapters.

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