I'm another who's used NUTD/C and Now X since "forever." I, too, continue to use Now X and am hoping to see Now X rise again.

I've looked at all the competitors mentioned here and find that they are all awkward or in some way deficient. Besides the attention to all the detail that makes Now X so "sweet," I think the crucial features for me are the cross-linking of events and contacts in a single application, and the ability to link documents with events and contacts. Printing from contact lists is also important.

The best competitor I've seen is BusyCal, which I noticed has somebody from the former NUDT/C team, which may explain why it's so nice. The consistency of design and outlook makes me wonder if it might be a fine new home for Now X.

But then I think about code bases. It would probably be impossible to merge the two products. In a merge, one would have to incorporate the others' features. If the objective is to get cross-linked events and contacts, then, on the surface, it would seem that the best of BusyCal should be imported into Now X, after which the new Now X would replace BusyCal. A market-oriented advantage would be that the new Now X would acquire the BusyCal customer base. Such a path, if feasible, would probably take a long time.

Would it be crazy to consider dedicated and qualified users carrying Now X forward, in a manner similar to an open source project? Or maybe AS an open source project?

Maybe the simplest thing would be for another venture capital outfit to see Now X's uniqueness and potential, and fund it for a relaunch. Or, why not the original VC firm, which presumably had to cut and run because Now X wasn't hitting its profitability target and deadline. Since the product is now well-understood, maybe reopen negotiations with new, realistic targets.

Anyway, my fingers are crossed. We're behind you, John!