I installed this little preference pane as a lazy way to shut up the start up chime. It worked... it also killed my keyboard and mouse somehow. blush

I tried starting up in safe mode to dump it, but even when I get to the safe mode login I can't type. The mouse moves, but doesn't click.

Next was booting using an external firewire drive. No luck! Uh oh, this is starting to get scary if it isn't even limited to the internal startup disk. I mounted the disk from the wifi network on my laptop and I looked for the pane in both the user Library and the system Library and it isn't there. Wtf.

I reset the PRAM and the startup chime is back, but the mouse/keyboard function isn't.

I'm now down to reinstalling the system, but I'm scared even that might not work since external drive booting didn't. Fortunately, both keyboard and mouse DO work when booted from the installation DVD. Any other ideas?

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