lol.... small world (and small island) indeed. Maybe I'll run into you at Marianas Electronics or something. Hoping for one of the new MacBook Pros whenever they come out ;-)

One of these days, I'll get into Contactizer Pro. Just too busy trying to burn through my OmniFocus task list. Tax Day and all..... I might just bug you one of these days to see how you're doing in Contactizer Pro.

Using groups will help you manage things easier. It's better than looking at a long list of contacts.

I would probably create the following:

Customers with e-mail addresses (easier to look for customers when you are using Apple Mail)

Customers without e-mail addresses (for customers that can't be contacted via e-mail and you need to talk to them directly)

Vendors (all the folks you gotta pay. Power company, Banks, etc.).

Personal friends (gotta call the buddies when it's time to party!)

Wife's friends (for the people you don't really care about but gotta visit because your wife associates with them). I rarely go to this group unless my wife needs a phone number for someone.

Good luck sgecko.... Maybe we'll encounter each other at a fiesta, rosary, or wedding.....

I use DevonThink in the same way that SOHO Notes works in SOHO Organizer. So I'm pretty happy about it. It's easier to find everything in DevonThink instead of looking for it in the Finder. Now X sadly didn't have much in the way of notes storage that SOHO Organizer had.

Another program I use is Mariner Paperless to scan and store my bills and receipts. But I might transition over to DevonThink for this instead.

The BusyCal folks did say that printing features are on the wish list. We'll just have to wait and see.

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