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ah geez... I hope it's not so...

Get a Mac

Justin Long says it's probably over.

But I do agree with one commentator... they should do one more and title it "Got a Mac" where John (PC guy) secumbs and gets a Mac !!

Super ending to the series. wink

Gone but not forgotten... wink

I just interjected a YouTUBE link into a 95% PC Forum

Topic: Looking for a better computer:
i am sick of both my old computers they both let me down when i need them most!
one about 8 years old contains so much stuff i want to keep on 3 hard drives, and a new network card which is still not letting me access the web, hence the newer (ex school)comp, it is 4 years old and ought to be ok - i hoped, but has more problems than you want to read about..
Ppl keep telling me to just put such-and-such in one or the other and it'll be great. But are things compatible or not? and so on.
now i have almost made up my mind to buy a new one but would like some advice.
I would like to keep at least 2 of the old hard drives as one contains heaps of stuff i want to keep, the other much smaller and older contains my beloved Photoshop and Corelldraw programs for which i no longer have the disks, I also need Word but don't play games.
so what would i actually need to make immagemaking programs work well?
E-machines are sometimes advertised fairly cheaply, why are they called e-machines?- not suitable for what?
Would i get away cheaper if i'd keep my new networking card or is it to trivial an item to bother about?
I was told it wasn't so simple to jut transfer my programs to another drive or comp?
Is buying online a cheaper option as i live in the country. Our town has shops like Wow and Harvey and Dick and Office.

Following a lot of PC advice ..
..about updates & downloads..migration apps and deleting
past installs and buying USB shells..
..with "No concrete assurance that they will play together.."

I dropped the YouTUBE Link: