You could just get a free Feedburner account (which, as now a Yahoo property, requires a Yahoo login, so you would need to get a Yahoo account - Oops, my bad, Feedburner is now a Google property, so you would need a gmail account).

Then at Feedburner it's pretty point-and-click simple to burn your own feed from whatever source feed, such as the BBC feed. Then you can configure your feeds' appearances, such as number of items, load any embedded multimedia, size of "teaser"/preview content, whether or not images will be loaded, or just titles only, etc.

Pretty simple, but Feedburner is javascript, which will not crawl, however. PHP will crawl, but some shared server hosts turn off remote file includes, so a PHP version of your embedded feeds would not show up, so javascript often the only bet for shared server hosts. However, if you signed on with Bluehost, you can have your own php.ini files with whatever directives as you see fit to override the webserver directives, so in that case, you could use PHP versions of embedded feeds. If you don't care about whether your scraping of someone else's content gets indexed or not, just do the Feedburner javascript - It's simple.

Now, there's other freebie services out there, similar to Feedburner, that can mashup several source feeds into one integrated randomized scrape, but their server performance can be glacial or totally FUBAR, as they don't have the resources of a Feedburner or the commercial services that do this on subscription.

A good alternative is to install SimplePIE, provided your shared webserver is configured for remote file includes (not generally likely) or you are able to use your own .htaccess (for Apache directives different from webserver's Apache directives, aside from the conf {which no host ever allows access to}) and php.ini (for PHP directives) to enable remote file inclusion for PHP versions of your embedding of source feed data. SimplePIE sort of does what Feedburner does, in PHP.

Again, if you don't care about mashups (pointless, really, as several Feedburner javascripts accomplish the same thing, but linearly and not with the random ordering of a true mashup config) or the indexability of your scraped regurgitation of someone else's content, Feedburner is the simple easy way to do this.

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