How about starting a movement to resurrect Now Contact?!?!?! At least provide a Mac solution and then link it to iCal or BusyCal for tasks and events. Keep the focus small by starting a Mac solution. Then possibly work towards a Windows solution.

It appears that BusyCal is gaining momentum as the premiere calendar solution. Can't quite get into Contactizer for my contacts just yet.

But Now Contact's focus on linking calendars and tasks is what kept me married to that solution from the OS 8 days to Mac OS X.

Maybe if the Wallaces could resurrect Now Contact, improve the speed, and work out some of the bugs, we might be able to salvage something from it. But let's leave the Now brand out of it. Start it off as a new program by rebooting Now Contact as an affordable contact solution?

Contactizer appears to be overkill for many folks but just providing the Now Contact module might be enough. I wonder if a survey is needed?

But the common theme seems to be that people are switching over to BusyCal but are left without a suitable contact solution.

Right now, I would have to go to Apple Mail and do a search on somebody's e-mail or create a smart mailbox. Not exactly elegant.

Then I would have to go to BusyCal and do a search for somebody's e-mail to find tasks associated to someone.

In NUDC and Now X, I would double-click on a contact record and view all the tasks, events, and notes associated with that person. That's what we miss. Address Book on steroids.

We can probably salvage the sync routines, rework the interface a little bit, and then we can have something going.

I thought about having a projects metaphor but I think that might already be done with a project manager like OmniPlan.

We often associate contacts to projects that we are working on. We can have a project such as "Christmas Party committee" or "MacWorld Expo 2011 presentation". Then we associate all the links such as contacts, events, appointments, tasks, and notes. Create a shared folder to put all the attachments. Then have a GANTT chart and progress meter. Show the status of certain tasks, follow ups.

But I think that might be out of the range of a contact solution. I will have to look into OmniPlan for bigger things like that.

So howzabout it John and Sheila? Phoenix rising from the ashes? I'd be able to preserve all the existing links I have now.

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