1. Reviews at with a fair amount of negative comments.
2. This from the Contactizer website: "Top Core Capabilities: Manage projects and track their progress." I don't need to/want to manage projects. I just need a better contact manager.

1. It is a database with add-on templates and not a tailored contact manager. So, while there is support for the db, there really isn't any for the contact manager. Any enhancements are yours to do and maintain.
2. I think the Themes are just plain ugly. The vertical spacing default (which cannot be changed (without some very serious hacking)) creates lots of wasted space which means you get to do more scrolling. The colors are hideous (in my opinion). You can only change a theme by hacking. I played with it and then decided I really don't want to be building my own contact manager, I just want to buy one and pound on the developers for new features and bug fixes.

I would buy SOHO Organizer if they had decent support, but they don't. In fact, it appears that support is almost non-existent.

I started using NowX because I moved from NUDC. I stayed with NowX for two reasons:
1. The calendar was quite flexible.
2. The ability to have custom fields for contacts. I started with Now in 1995 and then switched to Act! in 1997 (when I switched to Windows) and then back to NUDC in 2005 and I became used to the idea that, of course, you can have many custom fields. I also liked the tags in NowX.
Dave Barnes
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