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posted by SallyShears

I see that Now Software is gone. I also see an update to 10.0.4.
How is 10.0.4? Better than the previous 10.0.3? I'd love to hear
from others before installing the upgrade, especially since the
company is now gone.


posted by davebarnes

The ONLY difference is that 10.0.4 will run without requiring that Now
Software's servers be alive.
There is no other difference.
Do not waste your time with NowX. It is dead. You need to find a
replacement. Welcome to the club.


posted by sgecko

sally, i've had no problems so far with the update. if it works as
promised, you may need it for the program to work (if not now, then
soon), as NOW closes the doors.

dave, agreed. but until i can find something that works for me, i
still need this program.

john, i see you're reading some of these. so let me just express my
sympathy for what must be a huge disappointment, after years of hard
work, endless sleepless nights. yah, i see some anger and frustration
on the boards. but for me, it's more of a sadness. i will have to
replace my favorite tool for the last 16 years. i could see the
potential in the new program (and already loved what it could do), and
was extremely excited to see that day when it would kick the
industry's rear end. so to you, your family, and the other long time
employees, you have my condolences and my wish that you have the best
of luck and success in your next big adventure.


posted by John Wallace

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. It is a huge
disappointment and a sad time for us as well. But the NightHawk
project was fun, I learned a LOT, and it was a remarkable journey.
Although in hindsight I would have changed the goals for the project
and changed how resources were allocated for it, I would definitely do
it all again. I really enjoyed the challenges and experiences along
the way.