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posted by pbwizard

Has anyone tried Filemaker's Bento 3? They're touting that it does serious integration to iCal & Addressbook databases. Sounds too good to be true. Maybe I'll download their free demo...


posted by DrFrank

On Mar 24, 6:24 am, pbwizard <pbwizard2...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone tried Filemaker's Bento 3?

I use a combination of:
- Apple Address Book
- Bento (for custom fields)
- BusyCal
I have current versions of Chronos Organizer, Contactizer Pro and Daylite, but I'm happy with the Address Book, Bento and BusyCal combo.


posted by Wilson Ng
I'm actually liking Bento 3..... I think I might just settle on this for my contacts. It helps that it already has tight integration with Address Book with the chance to see tasks, events, and e-mails in one screen.

I'm using the same setup with BusyCal, Bento, and Address Book as well.....

I do like the customization capabilities of Bento 3.


posted by watchit

I tried BusyCal a while back but decided against it because it did not
support Calendar Groups... I use them extensively in iCal
Does it support them now or is there any way to have groups of
calendars within BusyCal?


posted by ronr

How about Bento's ability (or lack of) to set up mass e-mailings by
organizing groups of contacts? I used to do this by NOW's categories
-- AB's only sending by groups doesn't meet my needs. Am wondering if
Bento is really suitable for 'serious' business purposes, under its
pretty face.

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