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posted by Twidge

I found this link that explained the corrupt file. I found it on my
machine and was able to delete it successfully and get Now Contact
working again.


You can follow their directions at the bottom of the thread or you can
do mine which I think is even easier. You will just need your serial
number if you do it my way.

Go to the following folder on the main hard drive not your user

Hit either command-F or go to the File Menu and select Find.
Select the word "Preferences" and then select "Kind" and choose
"Other". This will bring up a whole bunch of parameters for which you
can search. Find "File Visibility" and select it. I also click the
Menu button so that I don't have to do that process every-time I'm
looking for invisible files. Now hit OK

Now that File Visibility is your search parameter, select Invisible
Items rather than Visible Items. You should see a file name
".SZIH6.5" Delete that file and start Now Contact. It will give you
a the screen to enter your serial number. It should open fine and
work just like normal.

Hope that helps.