Does Chrome do plug-ins and extensions?

Despite FF's glacial launch and quit (no big deal, really - once it's fired up, it's fine), I'm not sure that I'd want to go back to a browser that's just a simple browser.

I only do a few productivity enhancing add-ons ( don't have the time to waste with the fun stuff, unfortunately ), and they really do make a lot of stuff simpler, faster, better organized, etc.

Now, I'm not that familiar with the Chrome way of doing things, but suspect it precludes any web app specific persistent caches over indefinite number of sessions ( that also mirror server caches ) - If so, that would be a deal breaker with some heavy lifting web apps that do that sort of thing - or any other caching outside of the browser's normal caching.

Firefox is a resource hog, but on this Macbook it's only about 5%, dealable. Wow, glad I looked - My Hotspot Shield ( free VPN server ) unconnected ( I'm home, safe, but really should remember to just fire it up and always leave it connected ) vacillates between 0% ( 99% of the time ) and a 0.5% spike. OK, now that Hotspot Shield has connected to the VPN server and I've got an IP address, etc, it's still basically 0% ( except for the occasional 0.5% spike ), but Firefox is now 10-12%. Well, small price to pay for security in public wifi, but I think I'll disconnect at home, thank you. BTW, in case you're interested: ( for the Mac ) and ( for the iPhone ) - Their privacy policy is cool. As far as the browser, I don't notice any hit tunneling via their server - It's still snappy. All mail is https of course.


Edit: On second thought, I really should VPN all the time, including at home, wherever, and just suck it up when I'm using the browser, since some of my log-ins (such as CMF front ends, versus SFTPing to the directory) aren't https ( therefore text 'in the clear' ). My Macs are locked down tight, whitelisted ports, no ping response, good passwords, etc, and the LAN is secure; but anything 'in the clear' is 'in the clear'.

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