I'm pleased to announce that Now X 10.0.4 is now available for download. You can get the latest version either by selecting "Check for Updates..." command from the Now X menu in the application, or by visiting http://registration.nowsoftware.com and choosing download after logging into your account.

The sole change in 10.0.4 over 10.0.3 was in how the registration process works. All other changes originally slated for 10.0.4 have been delayed so that we could release this update. In 10.0.3 and earlier, if the registration.nowsoftware.com server was unavailable then the Now X software would not load. That has caused numerous problems over the past month as that server has been offline for a number of reasons, including AT&T breaking a circuit that took down Now Software and a number of other companies about town. In the new version, if the server isn't available, the software will load and then check again later for the server.
John Wallace
Now X Tech Lead
President, Now Software, Inc.