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You can download a script to fix the -193 error at:


If that doesn't fix the problem, you can also try:


The problem is caused by a permissions issue on a file. The first script tries to repair the permissions. If it is unsuccessful, the second script deletes that file and you will need to re-enter your serial number.

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Done all of that along with:

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The first step is to figure out if it is the app or the data file.

Does it launch under another user account on your computer? If so, then the problem is more likely the data file or preferences. If not, then the problem is more likely the application or its global preferences file.

To find out:
1. Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Accounts ***** Done
2. Create a new account ***** Done
3. Log into that account ***** Done and selected rosetta
4. Launch Now Up-to-Date & Contact ***** Done
5. Report back what you find.
***** Same problem - same warning - app momentarily appears and then replaced by - 193 warning.

***** Pls help!
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