I want to stop using my Cell and start using my VOIP more. Dialing is key (no pun). With NUTD you can only use speaker, and I have my Contact prefs set:
Create call event - not checked

Omit local area code = not checked
Dial tone = none
LD prefix = standard
LD suffix = none

When dialing Ext area is set:

Define Dial Tone - none
Prefixes = 1
Suffixes = none

My VOIP doesn't need "1" when dialing, but NUTD doesn't allow me to delete it. I dialed my cell phone 6 times and help my VOIP phone up to my computer speaker. Only connected once. Rest were trouble busy signals or wrong numbers.

The VOIP I'm using is Ooma.com over Time Warner cable network.

I gather NOW X doesn't support dialing at all.

It is amazing to me that with all the computer tech out there, printing envelopes and dialing are not COMPLETELY transparent and foolproof applications for the most common of man/woman.