Where Now Up-to-Date was a document based application and allowed you to have multiple files, Now X has a single database store where all data is kept. Early in the development process we realized that a document based application would preclude certain options for syncing and other features.

You can easily keep data organized by sets, which Now Contact did not have before, and were under utilized in Now Up to Date. Each set can have its own unique grouping of categories and tags, and you can switch between sets quickly and easily using the sets pop up in the toolbar.

As you import various files from Now Up-to-Date & Contact, you can assign tags to all the imported items as part of the import process. Once all the data from a given file has been tagged in such a way, you can create a set that includes only that tag, allowing you to see all he items from a given file.
Sean Boiarski
Product Manager, Now Software