For an unhandled exception error under Windows, try the following:

First, try opening the sample files. These should be found here:
C:\Program Files\Now Software\Now Contact\Sample Contact File.nct
C:\Program Files\Now Software\Now Up-to-Date\Sample Calendar.nct

If that gives you the same error, try refreshing prefs:

1) Quit Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact.

2) Go To:
C:\Documents and Settings\{your login name}\Application Data\Now Software

[NOTE: The Application Data folder is hidden. If you can't see it please go into Folder Options in the control panel and set it to show all hidden files.]

3) There you'll find folders named Now Up-to-Date Prefs, Now Contact Prefs, and Nudcw. Delete those folders.

4) Now, Double Click on your original calendar and contact files and make them primary. Then link them together again through Preferences.
Rachel Yoder
Now Software - Tech Support