Hi, I did a cursory search but didn't see this in the forum or in the support guide, apologies if I missed it.

I just returned from vacation and went to launch Now Up to Date - it seems like it's going to start - the initial screen comes up, but then it all just disappears. I can still see the icon in my lower right tray and can right click - I tried going to individual events for the day, to preferences - all that, it just does the same thing - the launch screen comes up for about 1 second and then poof.

I closed it and restarted it several times and also restarted my computer. I also went into the program files folder and tried launching it directly from there by double clicking on the programs, when I did that, I received a "Unhandled Exception: c0000005 At address: 7c911689" error box.

I am running XP and my version is

Thanks for any assistance!