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Syncing the contacts and events is the same. After you do the contacts follow the same procedure for the events.

Even if you don't use iCal and AddressBook, they might already have information in them that will be duplicated. If you want to clear out your iCal and AddressBook data:

A) open addressbook and select all contacts and delete.
B) open iCal, create a new calendar called "blank" and delete all the other calendars.

Then, to sync information from Now X into Sync Services:

1) Open Now X, in contact list view and highlight all the contacts you want to sync. It may be a couple or all of them
2) Click on the edit menu in the menu bar
3) Select "Assign Tags...", second from the bottom
4) Check the "sync" tag
5) Click the OK button

These selected items with the sync tag are the items that will now sync with sync services. Remember, after Now X syncs with sync services, that information will sync with any other app that subscribes to sync services. That is not just the iPhone, it's iCal and AddressBook as well.

6) Open the "Preferences" from the "Now X" menu and click on the "Sync" preferences
7) Make sure that one or both of the sync options is checked, depending on what you want to sync

One more thought, Now X will send all the info it has to sync services. What you see will be at the limits of the program you're viewing it on. For example, although you may have 50 notes on a contact in Now X, there will only be one note on your phone. That's why the Now team made that one permanent note in the notes field of X called "primary note". That is the one note that you will see.

At this point, you can force a sync to sync services or just wait for it to do it automatically.

8 ) If you want to do a force sync, click the file menu
9) Click sync now
10) Choose what you want to sync

At this point, you can do the same thing for events. Start with the event list view and follow the same procedures above.

If you want to watch the syncing progress, you can click on the "Activity" icon, which is the third icon on the bottom left of the Now X screen and you'll see it working.

Once your data has been synced with Sync Services, you can view the data in AddressBook, iCal, or any other application that uses Sync Services. You can also follow Apple's procedure to sync your data to your iPhone, iPod, other mobile phone or other device supported by sync services.

For more information on syncing the iPhone or iPod using iTunes, please visit http://www.apple.com/iphone/how-to/index.html#get-started.syncing-with-itunes
For information on syncing other devices using iSync, visit http://www.apple.com/support/isync/

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