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I am an Imac user and I was just about to buy Windows and Act to load on my mac. I was told I can run ACT on the Mac with Windows. I saw this site on "NOW" and it would be a lot easier to just buy NOW if it will do what I need. I looked at the tutorial and it is over my head, I don't know what they are talking about with so many buttons. I just want to load a data base of 300 customers name, address, phone,and email, from my Excell sheet into the program and be able to find the customer, make a phone call, write in notes for that customer, click on a calendar date to set an appointment, write a letter and have the software drop in the name and address to save time. I'm not networking to other computers or managing a sales team. Can I use this application to do those simple things or is it too big of a program? Selling is hard enough I prefer a simple program that can just do those things. Thanks for your advice. I really don't want to use windows on my Imac if I don't have to. Im the guy with the VCR that blinks all night. Glen

Hello Glen

Sure you can do the things you listed. On of the great aspects of Now Software is that we offer folks a chance to try the product before you buy it, as a fully functioning 30 day demo. It can import your Excel spreadsheet, so you can import your data and see how you like it.

As always, give me a call if you have any questions.
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