I am an Imac user and I was just about to buy Windows and Act to load on my mac. I was told I can run ACT on the Mac with Windows. I saw this site on "NOW" and it would be a lot easier to just buy NOW if it will do what I need. I looked at the tutorial and it is over my head, I don't know what they are talking about with so many buttons. I just want to load a data base of 300 customers name, address, phone,and email, from my Excell sheet into the program and be able to find the customer, make a phone call, write in notes for that customer, click on a calendar date to set an appointment, write a letter and have the software drop in the name and address to save time. I'm not networking to other computers or managing a sales team. Can I use this application to do those simple things or is it too big of a program? Selling is hard enough I prefer a simple program that can just do those things. Thanks for your advice. I really don't want to use windows on my Imac if I don't have to. Im the guy with the VCR that blinks all night. Glen