apart from the bleeding obvious which is never ever give anyone your email... you can turn off auto download of HTML graphics... you can set the size of mail to be automatically retrieved at say 40k or less, thus leaving all attachments on server and able to be deleted without bringing them in.<br>you can filter known annoying spammers who have found you to the trash and set scripts to empty trash after each mail collection.<br>you can use an email account which allows you to leav all mail you don't want there and be deleted from there.. I find hotmail useful for this as if you want to send me mal via hotmail, don't ever expect me to read it...but mac.com is by far the best method of co-ordinating and deleting all spam, without needing to read it and without letting them know your real mail.<br><br>its all a dream, light passing by on a screen, speeding through the universe, thinking is the best way to travel. ~ Pinder ~

but where will we be when the future comes?