It sounds as if your server is also a client:

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Information created on Client machines are reflected on the server machine, but not the other way.

Keep in mind that the server's client install must also subscribe to the server database that it is running.

The most important thing to understand in these situations is how categories work. Data is only sent up to the server and shared if it is in a public category (one that is hosted on the server), and other computers will only see that data if they are subscribed to that category. In Now Up to Date you subscribe to categories in the "define sets" dialog, and in Now Contact you subscribe to categories in the "define categories" dialog box.

Often times you find that a particular client has two categories with the same name one local and one on the server, so for instance, I might have "customers" that is private and "customers" that is server based, and if I accidentally put stuff into the private version of "customers", nobody else will see them.

So, I would do the following. Go to each machine and in the client (including the client running on the server machine) make sure they are all pointed to the same server and are showing that they have successfully updated to that server. Also check each machine and make sure they are subscribed to the same categories, and that the data you want to share is in categories that are server based, not in local categories.
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