I am migrating my small office NUDC server from an old OS9 desktop to an XP desktop. There are three macs running OSX that connect to this XP box.

I exported my contacts and calendar from the OS9 machine as a tab-delimited text file and a *.db file, respectively. I set them up on the XP machine and from there NUDC runs fine. The problem is that now the three other computers don't see any updates that are made on the XP machine. I pointed them to the two new servers I created and they initially seemed to update with the new information from the XP box, but after that, even when I force an update from the new servers, there does not seem to be any change.

I have to admit I don't entirely understand how NUDC works. I've seen the NUT files, *.db files, text files and the server connections and I don't entirely understand how they all work together to create a single shared calendar or contacts list. I also don't entirely understand how categories fit into all of this. Could somebody explain to me where I might be going wrong? I have the impression that part of the problem is my lack of understanding about how all the parts of NUDC fit together.

Edit: I should note that the versions of NUDC were 4.0.3 on the OS9 machine, 4.5.3 on the XP machine and 5.1.2 on the OSX machines.

Edit 2: Information created on Client machines are reflected on the server machine, but not the other way.