I'm trying nowx but am still using the nudc and syncing w/my palm just fine. I don't have an iphone yet (and will check out the pre)... but I'm not clear on how notes in contacts are handled... I tend to put a seperate note or call attached to a contact for each interaction with that contact and nudc and nowx will show them all in order.
1. But what I'm understanding is that addressbook/iphone only looks at the main note and ignores all the others... is that right?
2. If addressbook only takes the one note I assume the only method of maintaining the same info in nowx and the addressbook is to sequentially add to the "main" note. Is this right?
3. And actually I am thinking say the iphone need not use the addressbook as an intermediary. If this is correct does the iphone take all the notes attached to a contact? or is it the same as addressbook here...
Thanks much