A couple months ago my Mac died (long story, not for here) so I've moved everything over to my MacBook, running 10.4.11. I have a Palm Centro. Before I moved everything, syncing was working correctly, and without any problem. After installing stuff and adjusting settings, etc., I've got most things successfully syncing between the phone and Now-up-to-date, except for my To-Do lists. It's hard to be certain what's happening, but it seems like my to-do items aren't syncing.

If in the conduit settings I set either Tasks or To-Do's to sync (and I don't know why there are two different ones) I get an error message that it's in conflict with Now Up To Date.

What do my conduit settings need to be in order to get the to-do items in Now to sync with the tasks in my Centro?

Thanks for any advice.