I am forced to replace the server that is running my Now Up to Date server software. The new server has Leopard on it, which Now Up to Date 5.3.1 server could not run on.

I wish to install the server software on the Leopard machine, but I am not sure if 5.3.2 will successfully run on it. From the Now Up to Date 5.3.2 info page:



* Corrected an issue with Now Up-to-Date server not working on Leopard

yet at the bottom of the listing:


Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 5.3.2 has been qualified on Mac OS X versions 10.4.11 and 10.5.2

Now Up-to-Date & Contact is not currently compatible with Leopard Server.

Sooooo... does it work on Leopard or not? Can I load the server software on the new machine and import my old data, change the connections, and be ready to roll?