I have about 2,200 contacts in ACT!. When I run the conversion script (ACT! to Now 1.0.4), it converts about 1,200 of them, then times out. I've tried it several times over, and on two different Macs. But I can't get the entire database to convert. Does anyone know why this is happening, and how to remedy it? By the way, I tried to follow the instructions exactly, but that's impossible, as the directions were written for a different version of Now, and some of the wording in the directions just doesn't apply. So I made the best decisions I could.

Second question, does anyone have the technical capability of mapping the conversion more precisely? In customizing ACT!, I have field names unrelated to the default names. For instance, I have my "home phone" numbers listed under the "secretary" field. I don't want to have to make 2,200 cut-and-pastes, several times over, if it can be mapped properly before the conversion process even gets started.