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My Blackberry used to sync just fine until something happend recently. Either due to an upgrade or? When I sync using PocketMac SyncManager, I get an error that says "NowRIMCalendar quit" I also have problems getting my alarms to work.

I've tried deleting the preferences as well as creating a new Now Contact data base and dragging over my contacts.

Given the error, it seems to be a calendar issue rather than a contact issue. Try optimizing your Now Up-to-Date calendar file as follows:

To optimize the calendar file simply click File > Save As... The Save dialogue box will come up. Save the file over itself, to it's current location and with it's current name. When asked if you want to replace it, click Yes.

Then try a sync with the 'PocketMac for BlackBerry' calendar settings set for the desktop to overwrite the handheld.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc