The errors I posted about a couple threads ago continue and I've been working with Rachel in Tech Support. We've tried everything...

Hard reset my Treo to factory. Trashed all NC and HotSyn Mgr prefs. Used a good backup copy of my NC database, exported to .txt. Imported it to NC. Established it as Primary. All works and syncs OK with no errors, until I create a Note for a record on the desktop file and paste in some text. Then I get the file error and the first time all files sync. But on subsequent ones, any changes made on the desktop file don't sync to my Treo. Changes on Treo will sync to computer.

I've repeated this several times, and it's consistent. The only differences to my usual behavior is that I created a Note and pasted in text AND... that I upgraded from OSX 10.5.5 to 10.5.6.

At this point do you think the OS seems suspect?

Anyone have any other ideas to try? For now, I'm just going to hard reset, overwrite to Handheld and not make any notes, or at least don't paste and content.

Thanks for any ideas.
Happy New Year everyone!