There are three of us here on Leopard Macs using NUD/NC 5.3.2 that are synching to the same Calendar and Contact servers on a separate Mac running Tiger.

We use the Notes feature in NC a lot. I've found that when I edit an existing note, my colleagues don't always see my updated info in the Note. We're trying to figure out the rhyme/reason of how NC synchs notes and note content.

Our discoveries:
1. If a note entry -- title, date/time --is black (instead of red), it is a locked note. (How did this happen? We always choose All Public when changing categories.)
2. Updating the content of a locked note does not update the server with the new content.
3. Changing a locked note to unlocked (clicking on its padlock) does not make them unlocked on other user's computers. No updating occurs.
4. Changing the *title* of an unlocked note pushes a "new note" onto that record on other user's computers. However the new note has the same exact title, date, and mod time as their old note. In other words they end up with 2 notes with the same title, date and time; but different content.

Our questions:
1. When updating a note, why doesn't its time/date change? Is that a bug, as designed, or are our contact files corrupt?
2. Why does a contact record say (for example) "last modified 1/19/08 by Joe" at the bottom even though there are Notes in the contact that have dates later than that, like 10/19/08?
3. I'm aware of the Save As method for clearing out potential corruption in NUD files. Will this work/do anything for NC files too?

Any clear cut instructions for making sure that all notes and their contents are synched throughout the network greatly appreciated!