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I'm NUTD 5.3.2 user.
PowerPC G4 + 10.5.5 + NUTD 5.3.2 is works just fine.
But Intel Core 2 Duo + 10.5.5 + NUTD 5.3.2 is hide graphic icon on month view.
Only color frame is hide graphic. ( today, saturday, sunday, last month, and next month )
Non color frame is show graphic. ( weekday on this month )

Is it only my problem?
or Rossta problem?
Please help me.

On the Intel machine, try the following:

1. Quit Now Up-to-Date and open your Applications folder.

2. Do a 'Get Info'(Cmd+I) on the Now Up-to-Date application file.

3. In the info window, check the box beside 'Open Using Rosetta' and close the window.

4. Open Now Up-to-Date, and test the result.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc