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I know that shutting down NUT from Macs we always hold down the Option key when quitting but for the life of me we cannot fond what to do in the PC version - hold down Fn, Ctrl, Windoze or Alt. Please advise. Thank you.

Cleaning up files in the Windows version is quite similar to the Mac version:

There are four ways to clean up a Now Contact file. They vary in aggressiveness and effectiveness.

1. Optimize the file by going under File to Close with the Alt key held down on your keyboard. This optimizes a file and is a preventative task. It's the least aggressive way of cleaning up your data, and a suggested maintenance task. All your attachments, notes and links will still be there.

2. Import the contact file into a new file: Make a duplicate of the contact file by clicking on it once to highlight it in the Finder and going under the File menu to Duplicate. Open Now Contact and make a new contact file from the File menu. Save it as your primary file, then go under the File menu to Import? from a Contact File and choose the duplicate you made earlier. This will break all your links and make any public data private. But all the links themselves (info about the links), attachments and notes will still be there. This does a better job of cleaning up your data, but isn't as aggressive as the last option.

3. Open a new contact file side by side with the old one, highlight all the names on the old list and drag them into the list view of the new file. This will cause all data to be private and links will be broken. It's a bit more aggressive than #2, with about the same trade-off.

4. Export to tab delimited text and import from tab delimited text into a new file. This does the best job of cleaning up your data, but all links and attachments will be lost. Notes will be consolidated into one note per record and all data will be private. Any public keywords will be lost.

There are no other known ways to clean up the data, no tricks to get around the sacrifices that each option demands.

There are two ways to clean up a Now Up-to-Date file:

1. Do a Save As... and save the calendar file with the same name as the existing calendar file (This will overwrite the original file, so you may want to create a backup of your calendar file first by closing the file, locating it on your hard drive and making a copy of the file.)

2. Export to a Calendar Archive and import the exported Calendar Archive into a new file. This will clear up almost all problems with the calendar file, but all links and attachments will be lost.
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