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It's a shame that there's a Date Modified field in NC but no Date Entered ... any way to add this automatically? I know I can't change existing field names ... but say I use one of the Custom ones for this, is there any way (a script maybe) for NC to autoenter the date there as soon as I add a contact?

Related to this ... is there any way to prevent NC from incrementing the last modified field simply because I changed its category? It really plays havoc when we try to clean up old leads etc. because we use the Last Modified field as a sort to see recent *real* activity.


The only current option would be using one of the 12 Custom Fields. You could set it to populate data on creation(Set a default value for the custom field under Now Contact > Preferences > Creating Contacts), but you would have to update that item daily to maintain the current date.

There is not a way to turn off recognition of any modification in the contact. Any change made will re-set the modification date. A number of our users have requested a static 'creation date' to help in daily use of their contacts. Hopefully that request will make it into the coming 'NightHawk' release.
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