I created a new list view in Now Up-to-Date and attempted to print. Three obstacles:
First, I had the same experience as other posters on the "printing stuck on stupid" post—the fields in the print window gray out and I cannot make choices. For instance, I cannot set the date for the list to start. To print appointments that are earlier than the current period I have to BE in that window onscreen (say, for June) to actually start printing in June.

Second: When I print the list, the line which lists "date, time, title of appointment, duration"in other words the column descriptors for the items I have selected to be in this print view, print out HUGE! More than an inch high. I have searched everywhere to see if I mistakenly changed a font size, but even starting a new list, I see no place to change that print size.

Third, I get 23 pages of print, all header, for my measly 23 appointments, which should easily print on one page, and which actually never print at all. the attahced file shows the 23 pages of only column headings showing.

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Jeanne Calendar.nud _ SSSP.pdf<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]