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I have had many nightmares with "Error = 1", local station not communicating to a group server.

If will one person make changes, the changes seem to get clogged up when communicating to the server and then weeks go by with the different stations not syncing. I will then have a problem and all the local station new info, changes, comments, keywords are all lost.

I am thinking of building many servers, ie for one each of the major users. Is there a limit as to how many servers I can create and use?

Is it a good idea or should I keep the different users as Categories on one server?

I have found the tech support to be less than knowledgeable, ie They just want to send me an email with instructions, and are not sure of their answers.

Any feedback!

That error usually indicates a problem with a local data file, and perhaps with a specific contact. In most cases the data can be saved, but the fix requires a decent of manual intervention to get past the problem point in the local file. Regularly optimizing the local file will help avoid this issue, and that is done as follows:

Optimize the Now Contact file by going under File to Close with the Option key held down on your keyboard. This optimizes a file and is a preventative task. It's the least aggressive way of cleaning up your data. All your attachments, notes and links will still be there.

There is not a set limit to the number of servers, though I would not suggest more than 5-7.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc