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We have NOW server 5.3.2. running on a G5 mac with os 10.4.11. For the last few weeks our users (both mac (5.3.2) and pc (4.5.2)) have been losing their appointments. They make an appointment, post it and within 24 hours it has become deleted from the server. The server log shows that the server has deleted the appointment. Would anyone know what is wrong?

Unless someone is deleting things in error(thinking it would just remove them from their calendar, rather than the server) it could be an issue with one of the client files. The first thing I would suggest is to have all users optimize their local calendar files, as follows:

To optimize the calendar file simply click File > Save As... The Save dialogue box will come up. Save the file over itself, to it's current location and with it's current name. When asked if you want to replace it, click Yes.

A more advanced method would include refreshing the Now Up-to-Date program prefs as well:

1. Make sure you know where your primary calendar file is stored on your hard drive. You'll need to know where it is to set it as your primary file again at the end of this process.
2. Quit Now Up-to-Date (if it is running).
3. Open a new Finder window and select Home from the Go menu.
4. Once in your Home folder, go to: /Library/Preferences/
5. Find the files named com.nowsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and com.poweronsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and move them to the desktop.
6. Find the folder named Now Up-to-Date Prefs and move it to the desktop as well.
7. Launch Now Up-to-Date, open the File menu, select Open, make sure there is a checkmark next to the option "Make this my primary file," locate your Now Up-to-Date calendar file, highlight it and click Open.
8. Open the File menu, select Save As...Save the file as the same name and location as the original. Click Yes to replace the original. This step should be taken periodically to optimize the file.
9. Trash the items moved to the desktop in steps 5 and 6.

The 'poweronsoftware' file may not exist on your system. It is from an earlier version of Now Up-to-Date.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc