I recently imported a text file (csv) of my outlook contacts into Now Contact to see how it works. It seemed fine, so I decided to set up a server so that everyone in the company could access the same contacts. A clear overview of how this works seems to be missing from the manual, but I pieced it together.

Once I had set up the server, I couldn't figure out how it accessed the data, but once you connect your master Now Contacts to the server, and create public categories on the server, and then move the imported contacts which come in as private over into your public contacts, then the server gets updated and you can see all the contacts from the other machines? Well - Not until you have gone onto each computer and selected those new public categories as ones you want to view. Wink

So: Does the machine that is also the server connect to itself through Or is there another better way??

And: Why do some of my clients lock up the processor to 100% when I use the "Update Now" button on the Server Connections dialog. My network is otherwise working, and I can explore the server PC over the network, but I get the message "Loooking for ....Server" and the cpu goes to 100% and stay there. Even the host machine does it. Some sort of deadlock? It seems to happen after I have made a change to the database, and want to force one of the other clients to update - it updates and then the CPU locks up at 100%. Crying or Very sad